Cooling tower maintenance & Improvements

Cooling tower maintenance & Improvements

Cooling towers at many industrial processes have an important role.
If cooling towers no longer get their cooling capacity, this can have a major impact on the production process and on the energy consumption of the cooling tower.

The usefulness of preventive maintenance on a cooling tower
inspections associated with a regular maintenance have the following result:

  • prevention of the above mentioned problems
  • operating safety of your cooling tower
  • the cooling ability of cooling tower remains optimal
  • risk of legionella is minimized
  • Maximum life of your cooling tower is guaranteed
  • mechanical equipment is used to the best ability

We are a specialized company for all these services. We only use (if possible and if available) original parts chosen and designed by the manufacturers. What guarantees the performance of the cooling work 100%.
At the customer’s request we can also offer more favourable alternatives …

  • The usefulness of regular inspections on cooling towers Complete analysis of the entire cooling work:
    • structural,
    • mechanical,
    • refrigeration,
    • security to accessibility and operation
    • programme for replacement, cleaning, improvements
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